2022-07-06 14:16

»i ain't lookin' for a reason - i ain't searchin' for my soul
i'm finding all the answers
- it's the questions i don't know«

overkill - ignorance and innocence


the biggest luck? to see my real friends being contend.
the biggest mischief? if a 'true' friend fails and disclosures himself as untrue.
what job would you like to have? a job where i would have the freedom to do what i think is necessary, accurate and reasonable - regardless of financial aspects and deadlines.
what qualities do you value most with women? tolerance, intelligence, politeness and humour
what qualities do you value most with men? see above
what faults do you excuse most likely? every, as long as it is repented by a deep and true reason.
your favourite colors? deep red, deep green and (even though it is said to be no color) black
your favourite painter? dali and the guy that did my appartment
where would you like to live? »where i lay my head is home« - basically it's quite the same
what car would you like to ride? a car that doesn't need any service - including refueling!
best vacation area? i'm still trying to locate it. essentially it should'nt be too touristic, be warm and close to the sea
favorite composer(s)? wagner
van beethoven
what sport do you like to practice? skiing (alpine), racing (having diarrhea), diving (not enough) and mattress listening
hobbys? reading, programming, discussing, joking
which reform in history did impress you most? a failed reform, that is quite unnoticed: jesus of nazareth (if he was at all) wanted to turn away from a punishing god, but obviously he failed.
which are your favourite writers? friedrich willhelm nietzsche
john r.r. tolkien
walter moers
favourite animal? cattle, as a steak seared shortly (raw) in a buttered pan, and served with pepper, salt and garlic butter!
favourite plant? backed potato with sour-creme and corn cobs with celery salt (perfectly matches the steak).
the most important area of life? my bed (nowhere to read better), my toilet (nowhere to reflect better) and at the side of my sweet.
favourtite music? basically everything but techno (that's rhythm, not music) and volksmusik (no music either, it's torture).
what movies would you like to to review at the cinema? highlander
star wars (episodes 4 to 6)
lord of the rings
which books do you advise to read? also sprach zarathustra (friedrich wilhelm nietzsche)
johnny got his gun (dalton trumbo)
wirklichkeitssinn (isaiah berlin)
die 13½ leben des käpt'n blaubär (walter moers)
illuminatus (Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Shea)
what is your favourite month? the merry month of may
which technical achievement did impress you most? the microwave oven - simply fascinating to watch insects explode inside... *eg*
a special advise to friends/colleagues: that that doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger - possibly sounds like a cliché, but it's easier to take live as it happens.
your biggest fault? to think that there is something like a 'human understanding'.
your most important good quality? i think that would be fairness - this is better to be judged from someone else.
your biggest personal success? my first own poem that stood up to my standard.
what do you disklike most? intolerance and ignorance
what natural gift would you like to have? to know the lottery numbers 4 days earlier.
the most dangerous trend in our time? trends in general - he who doesn't heed these stands outside the society as he is 'out' - he becomes an outcast.
what do you dislike most regarding humanity? the obvious ability to see what would be good for the future, but nontheless for financial or political reasons doing the wrong thing or tolerating this behaviour.
what do you think about »tod«? unavoidable and thus in some way intendable
if you had one wish, what would that be? to know everything in order to die serenely afterwards

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