2022-07-06 12:59

»i'm the pagan man - i speak for all my kind
as i criticize your point of view
- your hollow state of mind
you say that i'm an animal
- well this at least is true
i'm a thinking breathing human being
- what the hell are you? «

martin walkyier - the pagan man


i see no need for that. in my eyes only a philosophy that is not convincing enough has the urgend need for any supernatural being to legitimate itself. it works with supression (of thoughts and doings of its followers) but not by logic. this mainly is done by the theory of heaven, purgatory (see below) and hell and the fear of the devil. instead of facingthe living evil in each person, the person is either condemned or its - so called - dark side ignored. in my humble opinion everyone should take care of his/her fate him/herself

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