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»history repeats itself - of this fact i am sure
stupidity defeats us
if its lessons we ignore«

sabbat - behind the crooked cross


2007-09-07additionadded subdomain for philip
2005-07-23additionadded whiskey fun page
2005-06-18additionadded whisky pages
2003-01-27infofinally all side projects (arc, bab, etc.) seem to work again. sorry for any inconveniences.
2002-12-23relocationall of is moved from Via Net.Works (former Highspeed-Server-Eisnet) to Issociate GmbH
2002-10-01updatesite's code is partly ported from html/ssi to php and new layout is launched (maintained by Thomas Schmidt)
2001-10-30updatethe file structure has been rearranged and extended with reviewed and optimized css
2001-10-27updatefinally redirects directly to
2001-10-14additionadded internal search engine
2001-09-11additionascii ribbon campaign gets own page
2001-09-07updateforth major version goes online with ssi, html 4.01 transitional and css 2
2001-05-16additionproject churchburn is started
2001-04-10updatethe directory structure is replaced in favour of 3rd level domains
2000-02-14updatethird major version goes online (less JavaScript dependant and all those broken links removed)
1998-06-04relocationsite is completely moved to (old location at is abandonned)
1998-05-20additionmirror for MP3Ext is created
1998-04-01additionmirror of page is created on
1997-02-16updatesecond major version with new (more relaxed) design goes online
1996-09-30additionfirst version goes online at

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