2022-05-24 19:32

»f is for fighting, r is for red
ancestors' blood in battles they've shed
e, we elect them,
e, we eject them
in the land of the free, and the home of the brave
d, for your dying,
o, your overture
m, they will cover your grave with manure.«

megadeth - hook in mouth


according to a legal decision of 1998-05-12 by the landgericht hamburg the owner of a page can be held legally resposible for the content of pages they link to - lest they explicitly dissociate themselves from those contents.

thus i hereby want to assert that since i have no influence on their creation or modification i have to dissociate myself from the content, design and intentions of any of the pages i have referred to on this page or on other pages of this site. this also includes the complete mirror section.

free speech online - blue ribbon campaign

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