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»noone intends to build a wall«
walter ulbricht (head of the socialist party sed and head of state of the gdr) at 1961-08-13


i at least try to support as many html clients as possible. even though some of them do not seem to support html4, css2 or png-standards, the page is (besides odd graphics) viewable with any browser i tested it with:

browser os html css png
Galeon 1.2.7 Linux ok ok ok
Konqueror 2.2.2-14 Linux ok ok ok
Links 0.96 Linux
ok - -
Lynx 2.8.3 Linux ok - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Win32 ok ok okt
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Win32 ok ok ok
Mozilla 1.1 Linux
ok ok ok
Netscape Navigator 3.04 Win32 ok no no
Netscape Navigator 4.x Win32 ok ok okt
Netscape Navigator 6.2.3 Win32 oky ok ok
Netscape Navigator 7.0 Win32 ok ok ok
Opera 5.x Solaris
ok ok okt
Opera 6.x Linux
ok ok ok
StarOffice 5.2 Win32 ok ok okt

t: no/incorrect png transparency
y: minor visual html layout problems

best viewed with any browser

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