2022-07-06 14:12

»i'll carve your name in ganite, for tomorrow you'll no longer be«
die schinder - liebeslied (translated)


the origin of my family name sperling seems to be in galicia, an area of todays poland, and was back several years. to be more precise during the austrian-hungarian occupation. when it was decided that everyone is to have a family name, (austrian) civil servants were sent there in order to give the local jewish residents (until then they called themselves jermias, son of aaron, or something like that) their family names. therefore sperling seems to indicate jewish roots. well, the result of this were not only names like hasenbaum (~rabbit+tree) or üblacker (~ill+field) but gladly names like sperling, too. at least I can easily live with that name without being mocked.

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